White Sage Smudge Stick (Small)

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White Sage ~ Salivia Apiana is a plant native to high desert ecosystems and grown mostly in California.

White Sage is regarded as the most sacred herb of all smudging herbs. Smudging is a sacred ceremony where the smoke from burning sage clears negative energies from the auric field, the energy surrounding your physical body, and the surrounding atmosphere.

It can be used for cleansing the body, home, workplace or objects.

By smudging with respect the symbolism goes beyond the physical to enhance your spiritual connection.

Return to nature, Return to yourself.

Smudge with reverence.

How to use

Set an intention before use or say a prayer, then light the end of the smudge stick and gently blow out any flame and allow it to smolder only.

When smudging yourself begin at the heart centre wafting the smoke up towards the throat then up and over the head and then down and around the body ending at the feet.

When smudging a room, walk clock wise around the perimeter smoking from the ground upwards. Use your intuition whilst smudging and noticing if there are any areas that are needing extra attention or a longer period of saging for clearing.

Once your smudging session is complete, extinguish the smoking end by placing into dry rice or sand.

It will then be ready to use next time.

When and how often: Smudging can be done everyday to cleanse and protect your energy either morning or evening or use once a week to clear, cleanse and set new intentions for the week ahead or simply whenever you feel the need to shift the energy.

“A peaceful harmonious world begins with a peaceful harmonious self” 

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