Soul Mate Bath Bomb

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Submerge yourself in scents of sensuality with your one and only- Soul Mate. Enriched with skin softening coconut oil, hydrating rose clay, antioxidant rich rosehip oil and rose buds. Soul Mate will fill your bath with its charm and create a luxurious romantic heaven.


1x Bomb 6oz/180g


Organic Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminum Free), Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Rose Clay, Kaolin Clay, Rosehip Oil, Essential Oils, Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2 Extract, Witch Hazel, Red Rose Buds, Pink Rose Petals, Lavender Buds.

Remedial Benefits

Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil is one of nature’s most powerful skin nourishers. With its low molecular weight, and protein bonding properties, coconut oil is able to penetrate our skin on a deeper level than your average product. Thus nourishing our skin with all the goodness it brings as a moisturising, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-aging gift from nature.

Rosehip Oil – Extracted from the hip of the rose, rosehip oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets for skin care. High in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids 3, 6 & 9, Vitamin C and powerful antioxidant lycopene, rosehip oil is delightfully capable to calm and hydrate dry and sensitive skin, repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue and also protect against premature ageing. 

Rose Clay – This Australian rose clay is wonderful in balancing stressed and sensitive skin. Also cleansing, firming and toning the skin, rose clay makes a lovely treatment to the bust, neck and upper arms.

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