Mama To Be Pack
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Mama To Be Pack

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  • Hanako Therapies Pregnancy Blend 50mL
  • Mama Body Tea Raspberry Leaf Tea 35g
  • Frankly Eco Nipple Ointment 30mL

This is such a magical time for a new Mumma to Be!

Hanako Therapies essential oil/natural perfume is such a beautiful blend to help soothe calm and uplift.
Spraying over the crown of head with the body taking in 3 deep breathes and let go!

Mama Body Tea’s Raspberry Leaf Tea is a tea rich in vitamins and minerals to help prepare the uterus for birth and post birth recovery. Enjoy maximum 3 cups a day in the third trimester.

Frankly Eco Nipple Oitment is a must product to pack in the Hospital Bag! Acting as a protective barrier for tender nipples. You don’t need to remove the product before feeding.
P.S. Can be used as a lip balm too!

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