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Amber Love child necklace- Mixed Love

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Made with 100% Pure Baltic Amber

What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is a natural tree resin that has fossilised over many of centuries. Found around the Baltic Sea region, it has long been used throughout many European countries in folk medicine for numerous ailments. Amber Love guarantee only the finest quality amber, sourced from the Baltic region. Each amber bead is individually knotted for quality and safety assurance.

Amber Love believe it is up to the parents to decide when it is appropriate for their child to wear jewellery. They suggest they can be worn anywhere from 3 months to approximately 7 years of age.

Safety Warning
-This product is not a toy and should be worn under adult supervision at all times.
-Not to be worn when child is sleeping or unattended.
-Each bead is individually knotted for safety purposes, however if breakage occurs, discontinue use immediately.
-Product is not to be chewed or put in mouth at anytime.

Child necklace 33cm



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