About Us

Natural Envy is a tranquil day spa overlooking some of our regions finest vineyards with distant views of the peaceful Hart’s Lagoon.

I pride myself in providing treatments of wellness, rejuvenation, and natural beauty.

Natural Envy foundations have been based on finding the finest organic, natural, advance cosmeceutical actives, to give your skin the indulgence that it deserves.

With this philosophy set in mind, our e-boutique arose.

We know firsthand how busy life can get, so we thought why don’t we bring you an ever-growing range of uniquely handpicked product lines rich in pure botanicals, omegas, and essential oils from mostly our ever-beloved Australia companies/businesses but worldwide too.

Natural Envy is a small business with a big dream. We value your support and will try give you the best experience possible.

Our range will be pure indulgence.

With light and love,

The Natural Envy Team x