Sleepy Head Pack
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Sleepy Head Pack

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  • Soak Society Sleep Wellness Soak 250g
  • Black Chicken Remedies Slumber Essential Oil 9mL
  • Black Chicken Remedies Pyramedials Sleep
  • Black Chicken Remedies Silk Eye Mask

Need some help to relax and get some much needed shut eye. This pack is for YOU!

Soak Society sleep bath salts helps relax the body and mind, in a nice warm bath before bed time.

Black Chicken Pyramedials the scent of sleep, put this bundle of goodness beside your bed or in between your pillows and ease into some of the most relaxing and restorative sleep you’ve ever had.

It says, its all in the name… Slumber essential oil. This aromatherapeutic oil blends can powerfully affect the wellbeing and health of our bodies as well as our minds. Placing a few drops in your bath or shower on a tissue for inhalation or place under the pillow, even putting into the oil burner or diffuser at night to help ease anxiety, tension and promote deep relaxation.

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