Magnesium-What's all the fuss?

Magnesium has been getting a lot of air time recently, and while it definitely deserves it, some of the information out there is a little technical and a little long. So we thought we’d break it down to the cliff notes and let you decide if it might be right for you.

The first thing to know is that this little powerhouse mineral has been linked to over 300(1) enzymatic reactions (think chemical reactions) in our body. That’s a lot, and they vary from muscle and nerve function to blood glucose control to blood the regulation of blood pressure(1). You can start to see why this mineral gets so much attention when recent statistics show that 1 in 4 Australians are not meeting the daily dietary intake requirements to maintain Magnesium (2) and there are some estimates that between 60-80% of the population are actually deficient.

Ok so 300 enzymatic reactions is a little too many to go into today, but some of the common conditions that an increase in your daily Magnesium absorption may assist with include:

  • muscle fatigue(3), 
  • muscle cramps(3), 
  • sugar cravings (3), 
  • stress(3,4), 
  • sleep(3),
  • cramps associated with pregnancy(5)

To be honest, this list could go on another few pages (it is seriously that impressive) but suffice to say this little mineral packs a really useful punch! Now in an ideal world we would all be getting enough Magnesium daily through our diets, (think leafy greens, nuts, cacao just to name a few). Where we come unstuck these days is the increase in processed foods combined with a decline of this mineral in our soil due to lack of crop rotation. These (along with a few other factors) mean we simply don’t get the natural dietary intake of Magnesium we used to get and it can be quite difficult to make it up.

Which leads us to… The Base Collective Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Salt.


Ok so I can hear you asking how is spraying an oil onto yourself or having a delightfully relaxing soak in some bath salts going to help. Well strangely enough – both options really can. Help that is.

We’re all pretty familiar with supplements these days. Some of you may even be taking Magnesium supplements (which is completely cool by the way). And you’ve probably heard about infusions as well. But many people don’t realise that there is another way of boosting your Magnesium levels and that is by transdermal application, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

Now there’s no absolutely right or wrong way to take your supplements, but one of the common problems associated with oral Magnesium supplements (tablets) is that Magnesium requires a really long transit time in the gut in order to be absorbed(1). On it’s own, this isn’t necessarily a big problem but the higher the doses you take, the more likely it is to cause unwanted side effects such as lose bowel movements (there is no polite way to say that). When this delightful side effect does occur it can mean that Magnesium doesn’t get the time required to be absorbed from the gut as it will be excreted, not to mention if you have any type of gut condition - think irritable bowel, Chohn’s etc then this will also hinder absorption.
When it comes to direct infusion the key issues really are the discomfort or pain and the inconvenience factor of it having to be provided under direct supervision from a Medical professional. So this, my friend, is where transdermal absorption comes in. Transdermal application or absorption (which is just a fancy way of saying absorbed via the skin) has been shown to be an ideal way to increase Magnesium levels as it is absorbed directly into the body via the skin and allows us to minimise those unwanted side effects.

So literally by simply using the Magnesium Oil spray daily, starting with a few sprays and building up to what you feel comfortable with (tingles are normal and after a few applications will desensitise) you will start to increase you Magnesium levels and get the benefits that go with that. Equally, having regular soaks in either a bath or foot bath will help elevate those Magnesium levels and may assist with the complaints mentioned above - muscle recovery, muscle cramps, improved sleep, sugar cravings, general stress and pregnancy cramps.

And this is where we will leave you folks – pondering the wonders of transdermal absorption and trying to decide which night of the week is going to become your bath night!

Happy Spraying and Soaking!

The Base Collective


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