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Botanical Skin Solutions... what's stopping you?

What’s holding you back from investing in your skin? Consider for a moment, that the skin is your largest and most visible organ. It responds in exactly the same manner as every other part of your body to nutrition, toxins, care and nurturing. Yet it’s interesting that you are more likely to subject it first to the criteria of aesthetics, rather than the principles of health.

So, let’s look at what’s stopping you from experiencing luminous, glowing and healthy skin; the kind of complexion you can enjoy regardless of age.

1.  Will I get results?

Natural and active have always been pitted against each other as if they are both mutually exclusive outcomes. The better question might be framed around what are the skins nutritional demands and the nutrient value of individual ingredients.

Naturally occurring plant based compounds are rich and complex. Their chemical profiles embrace vital nutritional content including antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals essential to repair and protect skin. The best part is that these compounds are biochemically compatible with our skin. Because they are made from the same chemical building blocks our skin cells can easily recognise and metabolise the compounds to increase cellular repair and regeneration.

It’s important to remember that we are not formulating with pure plant ingredients because they are safe, we are using them because they are effective and active supplying pure skin nutrition that is easily absorbed at a cellular level!

2.  But aren’t they more expensive?

An authentic botanical range is plant based right through the ingredient listing. Sadly, some skin care ranges need only have 1% of a natural ingredient to label the range as ‘natural’. Even then, what is natural? Coal and mercury?

Education is key. Investing a moment to look at ingredient listings will show you the value you are receiving from your seemingly more affordable products. Unfortunately, some organic brands have stripped the active content to affordably certify the product, leaving an empty formulation. Look for brands where the formulations are rich with concentrates of omega plant oils, vitamins, naturopathic concentrates of herbs flowers and fruits, clinical grade aromaceuticals and advanced actives to deliver real and lasting results. Great formulations will have these layered right from the very beginning of the label listing.

3. Are they really anti-ageing?

There are really only four key reasons the skin ages prematurely.

  • Firstly there is photo damage; the suns way of punishing your skin for not showing it the appropriate level of respect.
  • Secondly is lifestyle. We are talking about the big four; smoking, lack of exercise, bad diet and maybe a few too many cocktails. All of these accelerates the ageing process.
  • Thirdly is glycation. This is the effect that sugar has on our skin. Simply put sugar causes inflammation in our connective tissue and the result is not dissimilar to microwaving your face.
  • All of the above are easily preventable. It’s the last one that I’m most interested in… Inflammation! This is the precursor and leading cause of all skin ageing. All skin concerns will start with an inflammatory response first. Omega-6 rich essential fatty acids found in high-quality plant and seed oils directly target inflammation at the source when we apply them topically to our skin. Regardless whether the cause has been sensitivity, sun exposure, acne, rosacea, oxidative stress or pollution if we reduce the inflammation our skin can start to correct and heal. Using quality botanical skin care rich in precious seed oils of pomegranate, raspberry, blackcurrant, evening primrose, rosehip and borage will offer immediate insurance against inflammation, oxidative stress and protect barrier function to repair sensitivity and defend against skin ageing. As we have constantly been taught prevention always trumps cure.
4. How do I know it is natural?

The popularity of natural and organic has seen some brands use green washing to boost commercial appeal. How can you be sure the ingredients are natural and the product is botanically active? We simply encourage you to pick up the box and read the label. Does the product contain mineral oil, petrochemicals, sulphates, propylene glycol or synthetic fragrances and colours? It’s not so much that these ingredients are harmful, they are just plain lazy contributing no nutritional or active effect to your product at all. Instead of asking if the product is natural, the better question is the percentage and content of nutritionally rich botanical ingredients. Read the label, know the company and ask questions!

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